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The Netskipper marine Router series is a modularly constructed communications platform, designed for marine use. Gsm, gprs, Umts, WiFi and any Broadband Ethernet connection is supported, as well as the intelligent backup management guarantee an extremely high connectivity of close to 100%.

The fully implemented IPSec standard and the optional Open-VPN guarantee the highest security during transmission of data. The authentication can be made either using deposited certificates or pre-shared keys. All modern encryption algorithms such as 3DES or AES with up to 256 bit encryption length are supported. The permanently established VPN tunnel (configurable) enables the integration of the router in a company network and can also be accessed via mobile networks with private IP addressing; therefore DynDNS is no longer necessary. If desired the router can also be reached via DynDNS. The local network equipment can be connected either by WLAN or Ethernet